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Paola nello specchioFrom September 2012

I return to pure creativity, only mine! It's the beginning of my third life.
I start to create mirrors of any size, decorating them with resin, enriched with precious stones and semiprecious stones, pearls, metals and silver. I make mixed decorations: on frames, or on a handle of a window, on the jamb of a door to make it more valuable and unique. The key instrument is the resin, so malleable and versatile as you mix colors on a palette, so the colors of semi-precious stones draw strokes on the mirrors.

The brush that has accompanied most of my life and drew the pietreshades of colors that have characterized it, helps me today to realize the mirrors, and to look at my self into them.

So today the story of my life continues with stones, called "daughters of the earth," which have many stories to tell and that have always fascinated man. Entire nations and civilizations have attributed particular virtues, meanings and magical powers to them. Just think about the association to each zodiac sign of a stone that enhances its properties.
The stones are ornamental and attractive, and each of us can feel a special comfort from the simple contact with those crystals best suited to our nature and personality even just placing them in the environment in which we live.

Decorating a mirror or any other object with the stones, I give them a special value: the uniqueness of becoming a work of art.



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