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Paola Ferraro

Paola ritratta da Alessandro Papetti
The main quality of my character.

We should actually ask someone else to say it, but I could describe myself as curious, impulsive, optimistic, caring and generous.

The quality you most like in a man.
No doubt!!... Sincerity.

The quality that I prefer in a woman.

What I appreciate most of my friends.
The two features mentioned above: sincerity and availability.

My main fault.
The stubbornness.

My favorite occupation.
Besides the passion for my job, I love reading, listening to music and playing sports, especially running, outdoors.

My dream of happiness.
Always be healthy and loved, meaning being surrounded by people I love.tramonto sulle Eolie

What would be, for me, the greatest misfortune.
Loss of sight.

What I want to be.
A writer.

The country where I want to live.
On an island, any. The place where I get inspiration for my work is in fact the Aeolian Islands, "my" islands. But I do not mind at all Milan to work, for its great energy and opportunities.

My favorite color.
The red Velasquez, the color used by the Spanish painter, for example, the portrait of Pope Innocent X.

The flower I love.
The rose.

cavallo, dipinto di Paola
The animal that I prefer.

I have a great passion for horses, which I painted in many of my paintings.

My favorite poet.
Wislawa Szymborska.

My heroes in fiction.
I've always been attracted to mysterious and fascinating heroes, from Zorro to the pirate Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp.

My heroines in fiction.
I've never had female heroines, but a character that fascinates me is Lady Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings, and not only for her mirrors...

My favorite composers.
Mozart forever, followed by Bruckner and Wagner. Among the contemporary music, I listen a lot to Philiph Glass and Giovanni Sollima, I also like rock and pop music, especially Dire Straits and Green Day.

My favorite artists.
Here it is difficult to answer, if not creating at least three categories: Among the great classics, if I have to be reduced the choice to two names I choose Michelangelo and Caravaggio, and then John Singer Sargent and her ladies. Among the contemporary artists, have less doubts and I say Burri and Fontana. Then I personally know two artists that I follow and admire, Velasco Vitali and Alessandro Papetti (author of my portrait that opens this page), with whom I have a long friendship.

My heroes in real life.
If I think of the term hero in its literal sense, and my thoughts turn to Falcone and Borsellino, people who have sacrificed their lives to fight the Mafia. If I extend the concept to historical characters who have left me something, and whose works still touch me, I say Totó and Eduardo De Filippo.

My heroines in history.
They have to do with art as well, Frida Kahlo and Peggy Guggenheim.

My favorite names.
Martina, Camilla and Eleonora (Eleanor), the names of my three beautiful daughters.

What I hate most of all.
Greed, often accompanied by arrogance and lack of shame. Being greedy, arrogant and overbearing and not caring about other people's feelings.

The historic characters I dislike the most.
I belong to a generation for whom Hitler has always been the most obvious answer, and what he did could never be forgotten, but I have not experienced that phase of history personally. I feel the most hate for those dictators who I have seen, even if not with my eyes, and what they have done and how many lives they have destroyed the contemporary: Ceausescu and Gaddafi.

The gift of nature that I'd like to have.
Being able to play a musical instrument so well to be able to express myself with it as I please.
In fact I love to sing (from Gregorian chant to the polyphonic) and I also played the flute and the piano, but I would like to know how to "use" them very well.

Paola "musical"
How I would die.


Current state of my soul.
The term that comes closest is hopeful, but in reality is more complex: I'm in the state of mind of a farmer whose life has experienced all stages of working the fields, sowed, and now waits confident for the harvest, the fruit of his labor, without ceasing to get up early every day and get back to work.

The faults I can bear.

I am very uncompromising with myself, and I forgive myself almost nothing.
To the others I can forgive "sins" of throat and mistakes dictated by inexperience.

My motto:

"Tomorrow is another day".



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